On the evening of 14 May Modulnova celebrated its 27th anniversary. With two excellent guests. Andrea Castrignano is now the most famous interior designer on television (he broadcasts on channel 5, with a new edition of “Cambio casa, cambio vita!”), while Moreno Cedroni has two Michelin stars for his restaurant La Madonnina del Pescatore in Senigallia. He is a pioneer of Italian “susci” and an Expo Ambassador.


The appointment was in a design showroom devoted to kitchens: Modulnova. The theme of the encounter was ritual: the rite of sitting around a table, sharing a multisensory experience, finding pleasure in details, hospitality, a perfect setting.


A consequence of our changing use of kitchen space: open to the living room, to ritual behavior and the joy of entertaining. Not to mention the ritual gestures of the cook, based on experience, transformed into technique and knowledge.


Two eclectic personalities with many points in common: Moreno Cedroni, in his career, has investigated the immortality of food, creating a series of products and conserves with a unique design; for Andrea Castrignano, in projects inside and outside the televised format, the kitchen is the nerve center of the home, a social space in which to celebrate the pleasures of eating well.


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From left, Andrea Castrignano, Federico De Cesare Viola, Moreno Cedroni