On Tuesday 6 October, with the appointment at the Zucchi Bassetti Store, Via Cavallotti 13 in Milan, the series of events Stile&Stili. At the Table / Nourished by Design began. Organized by the magazine Interni, the encounters offer an itinerary through the flagship stores of excellent exponents of design Made in Italy, transformed into stages for performances and events on design, style, taste and food, focusing on the theme of the table, which becomes a showcase of the art of entertaining.

A series of mises en scène of hospitality, in different styles, presenting the table as a scenario of creativity and design, through installations that narrate stories of design, architecture, decoration and taste.

For the occasion, the central focus of the evening was the world’s largest collection of blocks for hand-printing of fabrics, the Zucchi Collection of Antique Handblocks. 56,000 pieces that narrate, in 12,000 designs, the evolution of taste and the cultural of ornament from 1785 to 1935. Blocks were selected from this precious archive to make decorative tablecloths, using white linen fabric.

On display, a series of creative settings: from the convivial table to the tea ritual, all the way to the laboratory with jars of paint and high-tech kitchen gear. All by WMF, the historic German manufacturer of flatware, cookware and table accessories.

At the center of the showroom, master printer Stefano Baldazzi got guests involved in the creation of a large white linen tablecloth, over 7 meters long, a true work in progress. A charming live performance that produced multicolored decorations, intentionally imperfect, in tones of blue, red and green, acquainting the guests with a precious traditional crafts technique.


Photos by Saverio Lombardi Vallauri