The concept of the new Jil Sander space in Berlin is based on high-quality materials, artistic interventions and impeccable installation.


The project by Andrea Tognon Architecture takes form in a space where essential design and rigor are the key words.

The interior design is in tune with the brand’s philosophy: modern and well-structured.

The geometric forms – especially the rectangles and squares – recur inside the space, in tune with softer, more functional lines.

The balance between tradition and innovation, crafts and advanced technologies defines the concept of contemporary luxury.

Particular care has gone into the resins, thanks to 3D printing to recreate the image of materials like marble.

The space features different materials: metal for the fixtures displaying the accessories and fragrances, stones, fragments of marble, and steel frames for the apparel displays.


Finally, the lighting creates the right atmosphere inside the space. Rows of brass bars cross the ceiling, as in an art installation, enhancing the view of the collection.