The historic La Perla boutique on Via Montenapoleone changes its address, moving to number 14, and doubles its size to 240 m2 on two levels.

The entrance features a geometric composition with golden metal sections and the logo on a blue field. These two architectural elements are recurring motifs in the flagship store designed by the studio Baciocchi Associati, like all the La Perla boutiques.


The interior design is feminine and contemporary, based on in-depth research expressed in the sizing of the spaces, the design of the furnishings and the choice of materials and colors.


The main space has floors in absolute white marble with sapphire blue carpets crossed by metal sections in a herringbone pattern, reprised on the ceiling in dark blue aluminium.

The walls have powder blue panels and golden screens inspired by the weave of tulle. The alternation of white and blue continues on the dramatic staircase in pale marble and the seating with its soft, sinuous lines, covered in velvet.