Located at 6 Via Pontaccio in Milan, Spazio Cielo is the first exclusive showroom of the brand that has brought innovation to the concept of ceramics for the bathroom.

A true ceramics workshop, Spazio CIELO is a refined setting for new bath furnishing trends.

A dynamic location with constantly evolving displays. The new project is by Andrea Parisio and Giuseppe Pezzano, art director of Cielo.

The layout brings out the best in the products on display, in a setting where the true protagonist is ceramic material, shaped by the expert hands of Cielo craftsmen. 

A range of bath environments furnished with the company’s latest offerings, including the Le Giare, I Catini, Narciso and Arcadia collections, enhanced by the wall decorations that reflect the hues of the exclusive Terre di Cielo line of finishes.

Not just a showroom, but a true experiential itinerary through the best offerings of the company, where consumers, architects and interior designers can find inspiration for their projects.