Walking in the historic San Donato district, on Via Le Chiuse, you can’t help but notice it. Casa Baloire, home of the new Lago Welcome, stands out from the surrounding buildings for its Liberty style, its Art Deco accents and the staggered windows of its structure.

A location of historical interest for lovers of architecture, the villa is probably the only private residence designed and built by the engineer Enrico Bonicelli, one of the most famous designers of industrial plants in the early 1900s in Turin.

Aware of the historical-architectural value of Casa Baloire, the present owners – Ombretta and Alessandro – have restored the building to its original splendor, and have decided to share its history and its fine view of Turin by transforming the upper level into an apartment to rent to tourists.

The result is the first Lago Welcome Torino, a perfect place to feel right at home.

Complete with kitchen, living room and bedroom with closet, the apartment has been designed by Lago Space Priolo.

Starting with the desire of the owners to offer a unique experience to the guests of Casa Baloire, the interior designers have create an environment that establishes a perfect dialogue with the evocative presence of the past.

Playing with soft tones ranging from powder to almond, with brick-tone accents that echo the exterior, they have translated the charm of this 101-year-old house in contemporary interiors.

Lago invests in Turin, a city that in recent years has proven that culture is a decisive factor to attract tourism.