The lighting project by DoroDesign demonstrates how strong materials like cement and iron, applied to furnishings, can lead to very light results. Lucciola by Natevo creatively interprets the theme of furniture with built-in lighting, transforming it into an element that is simultaneously a coat rack, umbrella stand and luminous container. The form is inspired by nature: a tree with luminous branches that add evocative personality to any space. Easy to insert in any context, Lucciola creates a magical atmosphere: the LEDs built into the ends of the branches have an aesthetic function but also provide perfect lighting. All the furnishings of the Natevo range come with two lighting options: warm and cool. The brand is a spinoff of Flou for the production of furnishings that incorporate a new concept: they contain LED lights with a decorative but above all also practical function. Chairs, tables, bookcases and complements that light spaces, making lamps superfluous. The design methods are also innovative. For the first time, designers and architects, but also everyday enthusiasts, have a chance to design furniture with this characteristic, and to propose it to the company via Internet at If the ideas are compatible with the values of Natevo, prototypes will be produced and put online for the comments of visitors to the website, potentially leading to industrial production and becoming part of the collection. But the value of Natevo furnishings is not limited to lighting, since they also create surprising settings, triggering a revolution in the design and construction of new buildings, since they do not require the installation of light points on the wall or electrical wiring in the masonry. A solution that if applied on a large scale can bring remarkable economic and ecological advantages, not only in new buildings but also in projects of restructuring, because without demolishing walls designers can simply position furnishings where lighting is needed.