In Milan, the new restaurant Lume run by the chef Luigi Taglienti has opened in a renovated industrial context, inside the former Richard Ginori factory at Via Giacomo Watt 37, in the Naviglio Grande zone.

The restaurant is part of W37, an exclusive multifunctional complex that includes apartments, offices and spaces for events, managed by MB America.

Lume comes from the desire of Emanuela Verlicchi Marazzi, entrepreneur and president of Fondazione Filippo Marazzi, which has always invested in initiatives to support young talents.


The design is by the architect Monica Melotti, who has focused on the structural renovation and interior design.

The kitchen is contained in a glass cube with embroidered decorations giving rise to an evocative game of volumes. A central element of great impact, it blends with the dining room, offering guests a view of what happens inside.

Light plays a leading role, thanks to the large windows facing the internal garden and the warm white tones of the spaces.


Lume offers experimental cuisine that combines classic and contemporary in a harmonious way, with strong territorial ties and constant research on ingredients.

The service is impeccable, down to the smallest details, for a complete 360° dining experience.