The new display space of Marca Corona narrates the history of the Emilia-based firm founded in 1741 and puts the spotlight on one of the strong points of Made in Italy: ceramics.


The objective of the design by the studio Deferrari+Modesti was to make a flexible multifunctional space where displays could be modified, transformed or completely revised.

The project therefore focuses on modules and layout, exploiting the dense arrangement of the existing pillars, and inserting physical plant and lighting systems.


The intuitive, functional displays bring out the characteristics of the various products. Organized in modules, the display itinerary runs through the various collections, like an open narrative that can be varied over time.

Each module offers different keys of interpretation: from an accent on settings, to suggest the mood, to an area focusing on technical factors, formats and colors.

The eclectic interface of the ceramics tradition and design generates much more than a mere showroom, a multifunctional space open to encounters and training initiatives.


A dynamic place for a firsthand experience of the quality of the collections of Marca Corona.