The Italian company has opened a theatrical new space in Australia

Celebrating its 70th anniversary, Minotti has opened a new flagship store in Melbourne, Australia, at a new location on Dale Street, near the Central Business District.

Based on the historic collaboration between the Engelen family, at the helm of Dedece for 40 years, and Minotti, the elegant showroom has been designed by CO-AP Architects. With a large display space equipped with large full-height windows, the store is organized on two levels, connected by means of a dramatic staircase that makes the layout more dynamic.

The interior design by Minotti Studio precisely reflects the lifestyle proposed by the brand. Floors in gray cement and paneling in mink-color larch, alternating with planks in black brushed oak, generate a refined atmosphere.

Once past the entrance, visitors encounter a reception area leading to an intriguing itinerary through a series of settings, in an area of 330 m2, featuring some of the most outstanding pieces from the Minotti collection.