The showroom at Palazzo Taidelli (corso Vittorio Emanuele 61) in Sanguinetto is updating its displays and furnishing solutions. The space, with an area of 1000 m2, has three levels inside a 19th-century building of great visual impact. Since 1993 this showroom has been the official display headquarters of Morelato. On the ground floor seven streetfront windows are protected by a large galleria of arches, and display part of the large collection. Next to pieces in classic style, from Louis Luigi XV to Biedermeier, which narrate the history of the corporate tradition, visitors will find more contemporary furnishing solutions by famous architects and designers, like the new Shark bookcase designed by Giuseppe Viganò. Palazzo Taidelli, besides being a showroom, is also a “cultural center”, where many exhibitions and encounters are organized by Fondazione Aldo Morelato.