A new flagship store of the Italian brand on Rue Saint-Honoré, inspired by contemporary art galleries

Moschino opens a new flagship store in the heart of the French capital, on Rue Saint-Honoré, inside an impressive stone building from the late 1700s, which the creative director Jeremy Scott has decided to transform into a display itinerary based on the approach of contemporary art galleries.

The new store concept – by the architect Fabio Ferrillo, founder of the firm OFF Arch – is organized in an area of 270 square meters subdivided into two levels that are visually connected by means of a two-story opening and a striking curved staircase.

The entrance with the streetfront window immediately plunges visitors into an emotional experience driven by the natural glow of surfaces and an original lighting project.

The walls are made with a refined cement-based finish, surrounding the terrazzo flooring and hosting a detailed system of panels in translucent resin with delicate tones, organized for flexible, dynamic displays on removable shelves in satin-finish steel and other fixtures.

The portions in pink granite, the elements in plexiglas and the bronze finishing of the railings contribute to create a sophisticated atmosphere.

The entirely customized furnishings include display cabinets in steel, consoles in cement and colored resin and modular divans in black leather.

On the upper level, next to the balcony, a private lounge and two fitting rooms have been personalized with precious carpets in a delicate shade of blue, and adjustable mirrors framed by a slender line of light.

Unexpected off-scale objects are inserted in the space like true works of art, like the handbag reproduced in an unusual version, dematerialized by a translucent profile and transfigured by slender luminous lines.