A dynamic flagship store with an area of 200 square meters on two levels, with large windows and interiors for the display of the bags, backpacks, belts, watches and notebooks of the two brands.

The vivid colors of the products stand out in the pale space, guiding the gaze through the wide range of design offerings of Nava Design and MH Way created by important Italian and international talents, including: Makio Hasuike, Naoto Fukasawa, Artemio Croatto, Michel Charlot, Denis Guidone, Sabina Betti, Gioia Giovannella, as well as Giulio Confalonieri, Ettore Sottsass, Max Huber, Bob Noorda, Massimo Vignelli, Pino Tovaglia, Enzo Mari.

The lines and projects are coordinated by Gian Carlo Soresina, creative director of Nava Design, and Makio Hasuike, creative director and founder of MH Way.