An old industrial building from 1963, first built as a warehouse for a famous coffee brand, Lavazza, and then used for an art gallery, is now the location of the Bulthaup showroom in Padua, Eurema Interni. An internal courtyard in a striking residential zone forms the setting for the new space designed to become a place in which to also organize encounters and cultural, musical and theatrical events. The considerable internal height of 7 meters, with a vaulted roof with concrete beams typical of industrial structures, makes the facility like a theater space. The large arched window facing two cedar trees, together with the many smaller windows that flood the space with surprisingly bright light, and the two imposing industrial doors, create a total relationship with the space outside. The first floor, with its rooms that were originally offices, conveys the idea of an inhabited place overlooking a two-storey space. The protagonists of this setting are the Bulthaup kitchen systems. The installations done with the latest new versions of the three systems, b1, b2 and b3, occupy an area of 110 m2 out of the 345 set aside for the displays. An area where the “life environments” of Bulthaup are presented in all their aspects, thanks to the compositions of kitchen and living room projects.