The company of Gruppo Essequattro, which produces Made in Italy collections ranging from furnishings to accessories for the home and the person, has opened a showroom at Grisignano di Zocco (Vicenza), presenting new products for 2013. Created in collaboration with designers like Favaretto & Partners, Umberto Zanetti, Andrea Scarpellini, Traverso-Vighy, Michele Trevisan, Gianni Astolfi, Giampiero De Candia, Davide Varotto, Tx Architetti Associati, Regis Pèan, Studio 63, Isabel Robledo, Pierfrancesco Rosada and Massimo Pegoraro, these are objects made to last in time, not just for their looks, but also for their value in terms of choice of materials, attention to detail and personalization. Besides the furnishings, there is also a collection of blown glass, a series of room fragrances, candles and dispensers, all with refined design. Life Style is a line of elegant leather travel and work accessories, finely crafted with high-quality materials and fabrics.