The five levels for shopping and entertainment of the Centro Commerciale Atlante are the setting for the renovated Febal Casa store in the Republic of San Marino.


Precisely San Marino, the place of origin and still the location of Gruppo Colombini, becomes the starting point for a new, updated retail concept for Febal Casa. The spaces have been totally updated, from the architectural design to the display layout. The design of the store and those to come is based on a strategy of communication that focuses on sales but also on functional quality, to create an area of ideal interaction between dealer and client.


The two open house days – 19 and 20 November – are entirely devoted to the discovery of the versatility of the total look for the home, from the kitchen to the living room, to the latest proposals for the bedroom. New creations, with a mixture of different styles, are joined by the original offerings of Febal Giorno and Febal Notte.


On Saturday 19 November, at 17.00, guests can take part in a cooking demonstration with the Electrolux Chef Matteo Cerminara.