Renovated exhibition area at the Perignano (Pisa) headquarters: large surfaces of dematerialised mirrors, large LED walls, geometries and reflections

Every company when it conceives and designs one of its products, any product, should do so with the intention that it does not undergo any ageing process with the passage of time: stylistic, technical, functional. Quality products that know how to remain current and protagonists forever: this has always been the spirit of Edra, recognisable in every phase and life cycle of the product (design, production, research and technical development) and in the display and sales areas.

A space out of time

The new showroom at the Perignano headquarters respects this spirit and reproduces the concept of every Edra exhibition: from international trade fairs to Edra Spaces set up in collaboration with retailers. The principles have always been the same. A space with large dematerialised mirror surfaces, interspersed with large LED walls on which natural, classic and contemporary images and environments alternate. The geometries are pure and the reflections allow the models to be appreciated from various angles, making them absolute protagonists.

Universality of use

"The universality of use of our products, their comfort and elegance, express respect for the environment and for those who use them," says Valerio Mazzei, President of Edra. "Our sofas remain over the decades, and I hope over the centuries. They furnish and live with ease in contemporary homes, small, large, in lofts, in period residences."

Infinite scenarios

The new showroom is a space out of time, desired and designed by Valerio Mazzei. The mirrored prisms, designed by Stefano Pasqualetti for Spazio Edra, create partial partitions, capable of generating infinite scenarios. The lights are concentrated only on the objects, to see them better, without any other decorative element. The models, in this condition, appear for what they are, their features and those of the fine upholstery can be clearly seen. The showroom is the ideal place to get to know the collection, the comfort of the seating, the entire range of Edra models.

Free to choose

"We try to make the value of objects and their qualities known in the best possible way. We want people to get to know our products. That they can choose them, feeling free to bring them to life and use them intensively in their homes. That is why we do not offer a defined, pre-packaged lifestyle image. To leave everyone the freedom to choose according to their own taste. This for us is the best way to make the Edra collection known,' adds Monica Mazzei, Vice President of Edra.