Laminam has a new address in Milan.

Having decided to boost its visibility in the international design capital, the company has moved to the very central Via Verdi, at number 5, creating a new, larger display space with three windows, just a few steps away from Teatro alla Scala.

The historic building with its classic image is reinterpreted by the contemporary impact of the ceramic slabs of Laminam, in a dynamic, flexible concept of space where past and future coexist, through a game of subtle interactions.


The showroom presents the main collections and an overview of the uses of the material, available in two sizes, 1000×3000 mm with thickness of 3 and 5.6 mm, ideal for floors and vertical facings, and 1620×3240 mm with thickness of 12 mm, for horizontal surfaces.

At the entrance visitors are greeted by examples of application of ceramic slabs. The surfaces are used as a solid, strong horizontal top for tables and kitchen counters, with elegant, soft textures that add character to interiors, while providing the typical hygiene and strength of ceramic materials.


A surprising feature at the showroom entrance is a selection of surfaces with the 12 mm thickness arranged on the walls like large tapestries, offering a demonstration of their size, image and consistency, accompanied by facings made with the book-match slabs of the I Naturali and Cava collections.


Inside the showroom the use of Laminam slabs in architecture is illustrated by an example of a ventilated facade made with 1000×3000 mm surfaces applied with a direct gluing system. Four slab libraries are available for a complete overview of decorative options.


With over 130 surfaces in the catalogue, the Laminam collections offer an enticing range that is updated year after year. Not only for floors and walls, but also for other finishings. The formats, properties and extreme flexibility of Laminam materials make them a precious resource for the widest range of design uses, also thanks to collaboration with other brands in this sector.