After arriving in the Far East in 2010, selected by the Italian government as one of the companies of the delegation sent to the Shanghai Expo – in 2011 Okite has opened an office in that city. This base plays a strategic role to connect Italian talent and excellence with the constantly developing needs of Chinese builders, architects and interior designers. The goal of the brand is to gain ground in this rapidly growing market, which also has the advantage of big numbers. A long-term project that has been evolving for two years now, but takes official form right now, with the participation of the company at the Kitchen&Bath Fair 2012, in Shanghai from 23 to 26 May. On 2 June there will also be an exclusive benefit auction, Happy Birthday Italy– an initiative to promote the best of Made in Italy in China – where Okite is an official sponsor, together with other important Italian and international firms. The auction – organized by Shanghai Auctions – will sell paintings, sculptures, luxury goods and fashion accessories, to raise funds for the Shanghai Charity Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps people in difficulty (orphans, widows and the disable) across the whole Chinese territory.