Listone Giordano Contract and Ernestomeda Contract, with the aim of developing new projects for the creation of contemporary spaces, have announced a partnership in the world of real estate. The two brands now collaborate in Milan as well, having put together a joint venture in the contract sector, to add value and prestige to the real estate operations. Not only through the offering of the companies’ products, but also through a series of exclusive consulting services to ensure quality from the early phases of furnishing design to its completion, based on worksite organization and excellent craftsmanship. A collaboration driven by a harmony of ideals, a synergy of intentions and sensibilities, in different but complementary sectors. At Ernestomeda Loft, an open space of over 360 sq meters at Via Col di Lana 8, Ernestomeda Contract and Listone Giordano Contract will welcome, by appointment, real estate professionals and architects interested in exploring all the new opportunities offered for the Business to Business (B2B) channel.