The new showroom on Piazza del Design in the high-end shopping center recently opened at Locate Triulzi

A new space for Poltrona Frau in the Milan area: 210 m2 at Scalo Milano. The showroom is located at one of the focal points of the new district, facing the Piazza del Design with very large windows.


The concept is based on the genetic code of the company, combining sober elegance, warmth, nature and sustainability.


Warm gray walls form a contrast with the natural oak of the floors. Four suspended structures in spaced wooden boards at different heights create an evocative game of volumes, which become fascinating luminous settings in the evening.


The display space is divided into 5 areas: three living rooms, a bedroom and a dining room, organized in a fluid itinerary dominated by neutral tones of gray and beige.

Some of the company’s most iconic products narrate the know-how and evolution of the firm across 104 years of history.


A special area is set aside for interaction with clients, as well as a zone for the sale of objects and complements for the home from the Poltrona Frau collection.