Porro arrives in Jakarta, the cosmopolitan capital of Indonesia.
After the launch in late 2013 of important collaborations in Singapore and Bangkok, and the opening of a monobrand showroom in Hong Kong, Porro consolidates its presence in the Orient with a full floor in the new Prodotti showroom, a network specializing in luxury furnishings, based in Java. Great visibility and a new, intriguing challenge for the Italian brand as its spreads into foreign markets, with a particular focus on this area of the world that is proving to be full of opportunities for brands that convey the highest levels of excellence.
The space set aside for the brand is like a large home, composed of two bedrooms, a dressing room, two dining and two living zones, where lacquer finishes in primary colors are combined with the hues of the 16 types of wood in the new Porro collection, unleashing intense notes of elegance, refinement and relaxation.