Quality Living, the concept store in Verona featuring high-quality living solutions, has changed its location to a new space at Via Mantovana 83/E. The new facility is four times larger than its predecessor, and is the result of careful restyling to grant visibility to new international research on design for dwelling, in an original display itinerary.

An enveloping metropolitan atmosphere welcomes visitors to this new point of sale that offers a new interpretation of the mix and match concept that represents the trend of the moment: important furnishing elements are flanked by urban design objects at affordable prices, or fascinating Nordic vintage in warm wood, all with a common denominator: the modern reinterpretation of the evolving needs of residential life.

The criteria for the selection of products are also in line with current trends, oriented towards smart design (with an eye on innovation, sustainability and affordable prices in products of the new generation), alongside the Prestige collection where craftsmanship and selection of refined materials produce a new idea of luxury.

The concept that puts the new Quality Living space in the avant-garde is the passage from the idea of decor to that of dwelling in the complete sense of the term: from the chair to the environment, to products for the table and the kitchen, from interior design consulting to customized service to select furniture, wallpapers, textiles and fabrics.

All this suggests another way of constructing the space of the home, starting with the individual object, and shifting to possible combinations to create solutions that are increasingly personalized to meet the needs and tastes of clients. Concentrating on adults but also children, people who are furnishing their first home, and those in search of sophisticated products.