One year and a half after Milan, the Abruzzi-based company starts the new year by opening a new monobrand store in Reggio Calabria, with an exceptional partner, Azzarà Mobili, which in its history has furnished the finest homes in the city. Located in the historical center, near the cathedral, the new store has display space of about 120 m2, on 2 levels, with 4 windows on the street, to interpret a lifestyle in which furnishings and complements combine design and fine craftsmanship, defining different approaches to contemporary living.
The interior design conveys the sense of an itinerary, a sequence of spaces, some large, others smaller, based on visual dialogue of dark and pale zones, floors and walls, the variegated use of light, with vibrant natural lighting near the windows, and warmer, more intense artificial lighting in the innermost zones.
The collections, representing the most genuine aspects of Made in Italy created by Riflessi, are the protagonists of areas for different tastes, ranging from more intense colors to lacquers and transparencies, to the warmth of different types of wood finishes, always in pursuit of comfort and intimacy. The store, the result of shared values and intentions with Azzarà Mobili, is an evocative space that will become an exclusive point of reference for taste and style.