New spaces with an eye on crafts

A space created to measure… on the scale of FlorenceRinascente updates the store on Piazza della Repubblica in Florence with an accent on craftsmanship.

With a terrace rising amid the rooftops of the historic heart of the city, the 3300 square meters on 7 levels of the store are being completely updated.

For centuries Florence has been famous for craftsmanship, fine materials and traditional techniques. This accent on crafts will contaminate the international luxury brands in the department store, offering handmade products with great attention to detail. There will be a particular focus on leather goods.

The first part of the project involves the upper levels, where the new feature is Tosca&Nino offering typical Tuscan flavors in a cafe/restaurant on the fourth floor, a wine and food shop on the fifth and on the terrace.

The interior design for the whole store establishes a dialogue with the sinuous lines of the city, thanks to the work of two architecture firms: Caruso Torricella Architetti  and Marco Costanzi Architects.

The program covers all the spaces, from the store windows to the terrace and the seven floors, done in phases so the store can remain open throughout the period of the renovation, slated for completion in October 2020.

The shopping bags also get a new look, created by the studio North Design in a reinterpretation of the symbol of Florence, the lily, in the symbolic colors red and white.