Ritzwell opens its headquarters in Fukuoka containing the production center, offices and a showroom.

An intentionally simple space to enhance the excellence of the sofas, chairs and tables on display.

Ritzwell also has showrooms in Osaka and Tokyo.

Ritzwell is a Japanese brand that produces upholstered furniture, which since 1992 has by a synonym for materials of the highest quality, made with the best workmanship and in-depth research. A unique approach to design that combines the most advanced technologies with the outstanding skills of master craftsmen.

Today a Ritzwell product can be recognized for its simple, well-balanced, functional and refined form: a winning choice of the Japanese team that has always worked to guarantee absolute comfort and above all a sense of discreet beauty.

The designers Shinsaku Miyamoto and Atelier D.Q. combine research on forms with the study of always precious materials for a product of the highest excellence.

In the company workshop every product is conceived as a new, fundamental step in a mission: to spread the aesthetic concept of beauty from the Japanese tradition, while offering the world of design a perfect exercise of simple harmony, pure balance and inimitable style.