The historic Venetian textiles manufacturer (now also a producer of high-end furnishings) is taking part once again in an operation of restoration of the fabrics in a historic residence, functioning both as supplier and sponsor. The gradual restoration of the 19th-century spaces of Palazzo Reale in Venice began a few years ago. After the donation of the curtains for several spaces that have been reopened to the public, Rubelli has now made three elaborate lampas fabrics for four more rooms, facing Piazza San Marco. The new fabrics are the result of a complex project of reconstruction, conducted by the stylists and technicians of Rubelli, of the original pure silk lampas fabrics from Lyon; the designs have been faithfully reproduced, except in terms of the material, which has to conform to today’s standards of flameproofing for public spaces. The first phase of the work focused on color. To come as close as possible to the tones of the original fabrics, small surviving remnants were examined, scraps conserved underneath casements or behind furnishings, and thus less exposed to light, dust and wear. The color variations of the three 19th-century lampas fabrics were: yellow-red, rust red-beige and blue-beige, with extremely elegant shading effects. Many trials then led to the perfecting of the replicas. Almost all the work has been done by hand, including very careful analysis to structure the fabrics properly. The great expertise of Rubelli can be seen in the re-creation of such rich lampas fabrics, but no longer in silk. The new fibers, in fact, are very modern flameproof materials. This combination of crafts know-how and technological innovation reflects a spirit of great passion: these are the premises and values that have led Rubelli to make important contributions to many restoration projects, in the name of a textile tradition and a love for art that have always been associated with t