Salvatori has called on Elisa Ossino Studio for the interior design of an apartment in Brera. The aim is to make a house that forms a continuum with the company’s showroom in the same building, to be opened on special occasions and for encounters with architects and designers.


Elisa Ossino has reinterpreted this space with strong pictorial accents, giving rise to true 3D tableaux in which furnishings and objects become contrasting points of color. The classic layout, reinforced by existing features like the fireplace in the living area and the terrazzo floor, is thus transformed with a very vibrant chromatic range.


The beams of the first space have been painted in a sophisticated green tone that becomes the dominant of the whole apartment. The furnishings, with their geometric forms, form a counterpoint with the colors of the walls, in a dialogue of cool and warm shades.


The bathrooms feature some of the typical Salvatori textures, like Tratti, which alternates matte stone with black iron.


In the kitchen inlay work is reinterpreted in a contemporary way. The kitchen block is treated like a pictorial surface, where Pietra d’Avola and Gris du Marais alternate with white Carrara and pink Portuguese marble.


The living zone has two inlaid marble compositions that narrate the history of Salvatori and its close ties to stone quarried in the Apuan Alps.