Opening of “Cucina&Tavola,” the company’s first point of sale in the Big Apple

A contemporary format for a concept store, designed by Yellow Studio Design, stands out in Williamsburg thanks to its all-Italian sign. Cucina&Tavola is a mixture of cultures, forms of excellence, design, brand and different types of products (tableware, flatware, porcelain, cookware). 150 square meters in industrial style with steel shelving, trowel-finish cement floors, display tables based on typical workbenches with rugged wooden tops. A modern and contemporary factory store that also becomes a gathering place for small events and cooking shows by Italian and international chefs, open to the public. Along with new products and current collections, another area offers a selection of discontinued articles, granting easy access to the design and quality of the brands Sambonet, Rosenthal and Paderno at discount prices. Cucina&Tavola – 235 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211. For info: