The company of reference in the production of high-quality lighting fixtures, completely Made in Italy, with headquarters in Bologna, presents the new modular system for direct, indirect and spot lighting. Function and minimalist, it enhances the environment with light and technology. The finished modules range from a minimum length of 608 mm to a max of 3558 mm. The versions range from a single t5 fluorescent, or the new seamless technology, to mixed-light offerings that combine diffused and accent lighting, provided by qr111 halogen spots or LEDs. Everything can be accessorized with optional spots that can be applied at any point of the section. The Segment system by Lucifero’s, with its compact, minimalist design, can be used with all the latest lighting technologies: EYEON touch panels with control functions for home automation, the Vitrum element with on-off and button functions, the audio module for environmental music.