Located in Piazza Strozzi, Minotti's new Florentine flagship introduces the timeless style of its contemporary furnishings into the architectural language of the historic building that houses it

In Florence, in the place that has been known internationally as a symbol of rebirth and Italian culture for more than half a millennium, a new Minotti flagship store.

Minotti Firenze by Belvedere is a strategic choice for the brand, which has 47 flagship stores worldwide but is also continuing to focus on expanding its Italian distribution network.

Ancient arches and timeless style

In the heart of the city, in Piazza Strozzi, in a flagship store spanning two storeys and almost 250 sqm, characterized by ancient arches on the façade, Minotti's contemporary timeless style is introduced with respect and elegance into the architectural language of the historic building that houses it.

Most of the display space is on the ground floor, while the first floor hosts the operative offices, a boardroom and the management office.

A contemporary “second skin”, respectful of the Renaissance context

Between contemplation of the beauty that distinguishes Florence in the world, genius loci and respect for the pre-existing, nothing has been touched on the historical elements of the Renaissance envelope.

The exhibition project developed around the theme of the “second skin”: capitals, vaulted ceilings, half pilasters dialogue in harmony with the interior design and contemporary furnishings.

Palette, materials and contrasts

The color palette and the choice of materials play on the contrasts between boiserie and false ceilings in wengé-colored oak. To distinguish the rooms also the extensive use of white plaster but above all of satin steel which, with its reflection reverberates the space, emphasizes the fireplace, the centrepiece of the entire showroom floor. 

A path scanned by portals

The layout follows the path marked by a succession of spaces leading one into the other, characterised by wenge oak portals that also become the architectural motif used near the breaks in the flooring. 

Different scenarios for home furnishings and hospitality

From larger living rooms, with the Connery and Roger seating systems by Rodolfo Dordoni as their protagonists, to more intimate ones with a Japanese-Danish vibe featuring the Lars and Sendai pieces by Inoda+Sveje, the showroom layout suggests various home and hospitality furnishing scenarios, proposing a host of brand new ideas. These range from the exclusive reception area with the Clive bench to the master bedroom with the Roger Bed, and the dining room with the exquisite Marvin table, all by Dordoni. 

A place - stimulating - of meeting

Between the architectural grandeur and the typically European “domestic” dimension, the Minotti showroom in Florence is characterized as a place where it is possible not only learn about the news and try out the furniture in the collection, surrounded by a significant selection of contemporary works of art, but also forge relationships and spend time, enjoying the objects exposed, capable of stimulating ideas and suggestions.