Slide Lounge is a ‘dynamic showroom’ created with the aim of engaging visitors, making them the protagonists of a design experience inside the world of Slide.

It is located in the former customs house of Piazza XXIV Maggio in Milan, the new vibrant area of the city thanks to the renovation of the pedestrian area at the Darsena.

Slide Lounge is a space conceived to narrate the essence and identity of the Slide brand: not just a showroom, nor a classic bar, but an innovative concept of exhibit space inserted in a dynamic, flexible framework. It is an open place designed to involve people of all ages and cultures, joined by the same curiosity and desire to experience design.

The space offers settings created with Slide furnishings, periodically updated. A context of cognitive learning about the brand, where every guest, besides enjoying a cup of coffee and relaxing, will have a chance to try out and touch everything Slide produces, and of ordering pieces through the company’s web shop