Mastro Raphaël presents ‘haute couture’ reproductions of five of the most famous drawings by the great American artist Sol LeWitt(1928-2007), a master of minimalism and a founding father of Conceptual Art, with his three-dimensional structures and hyperdecorated walls. Snapshots of five works of art that Mastro Raphaël has translated into fabrics, giving rise to the Sol LeWitt Limited Edition collection. Authorized by the LeWitt Collection LLC, the reproductions of the drawings are made in limited editions of 200 pieces each: a tribute to the creative genius of Sol LeWitt and his connection with the city of Spoleto, where Mastro Raphaël was founded in 1968. Geometry is the guiding concept in curtains, headboards, cushions, quilts, duvet covers and tablecloths, in the original colors of the works of Sol LeWitt: black on white, gray on white, white on gray.