A house of color where architecture meets culture. A reference point for professionals and lovers of interior design in search of a space in which to select the best design paints.


Bludiprussia opens its new spaces in Rome, at Via Bernardino Telesio 23, in the Prati district. The historic showroom of paints, cements and resins founded in 2003 thanks to the intuition of Sabina Guidotti, ambassador for Italy of the most reined European brands, opens a new creative space of 200 m2 that will be a home for architects, professionals and lovers of intense color as a central design feature.


Bludiprussia pays tribute to the masters of modern architecture. Le Corbusier, starting in 1931, created a color range composed of 43 architectural hues interpreted in 12 atmospheres, after which in 1959 he added 20 other shades for a total of 63 colors. His famous “color organ” is now available to all thanks to an agreement between Fondation Le Corbusier and Keim, a German brand of reference for mineral paints. At Bludiprussia the color range of Le Corbusier can be explored thanks to workshops and cultural events.


Seminars, round tables and workshops with leading experts in the sector will be held at Bludiprussia in the months to come.

The opening will be a chance to enter the world of high-end design thanks to Kiran Ravilious, the English artist with a background in Sri Lanka, creator of the Bludiprussia logo, and the protagonist on the evening of 8 June of the live print demonstration Living Pattern.