Tecno announces the opening of Tecno Madrid, a multifunctional space that houses a 360° experience and expresses all the complexity of the DNA of the brand, with its focus on contemporary design and high technology.


A technological volume, lit by windows facing the historic and elegant Paseo de Eduardo Dato, in the central Serrano district. 200 m2 as a place of expertise, to offer architects and interior designers technical and layout solutions for complex projects and sophisticated projects in the contract sector.

The protagonist of the space is the innovative io.T Intelligence System by Tecno, the first in the world to make furniture intelligent and interconnected.

A transparent central cube made with the W80 partitions has been outfitted with the io.T system to enable access control, a reservation system, video conferencing, climate control and other functions.


The displays also feature the collections that have made the brand famous around the world.