The new Agnona boutique in London designed by the studio Ciarmoli Queda

The concept of the new boutique of Agnona in London, created by CQS Ciarmoli Queda Studio, with creative direction by Simon Holloway, evokes the origins of the brand as a producer of textiles for haute couture.

The inspiration comes from the industrial architecture of the original Agnona plant, located in the zone of Biella.




The space on Albemarle Street, in the prestigious Mayfair district, hosts the prêt-à-porter, knitwear and home collections, as well as a limited edition of the iconic garments available for customization through an exclusive selection of cashmere fabrics.


The rational modular metal Nero Metal structures form a versatile perimeter of shelving and fixtures paced by display elements in wood that suggest the shuttle, a component used to weave the precious fabrics on the historic looms of Agnona.



The company’s textile know-how is narrated on the hand-finished walls – treated to suggest the weave of the Nuvola, the cashmere scarf that is the brand’s symbol – in the woven metal frames suspended from the ceiling and the herringbone wool carpets, woven by hand, placed on the floor in Ceppo di Gré, a typical stone from Lombardy.

The palette of neutral colors is enhanced by the elegant furnishings that reference the Fifties, made in Eucalyptus Frisé wood and covered in velvet in tones of taupe, flesh, and an unexpected lemon yellow.

Elegant panels are covered in hand-embroidered silk depicting thistle of wool merchants, a natural thistle used in weaving to brush and finish the noble fibers created by Agnona.