The kitchen manufacturer Arrital fills up on solar energy, installing a powerful photovoltaic system on part of the roof of the Fontanafredda plant (Pordenone). A skillful mixture of the best technologiesto achieve maximum energy efficiency, while respecting the environment. The system covers 14,000 m² of area, and reaches output of 897 kWp, using 3900 polycrystalline silicon modues (990 mm x 1640 mm) and 5 inverters (PowerOne), for annual production of 1,000,007 Kwh (corresponding to prevented emission of 616.77 tons of CO2). The quantity of energy provided covers about half of the company’s consumption. The project was completed in September 2011, and included a major job of removal and disposal of asbestos. The aesthetic aspect has been a major focus: the system has been made based on personalized criteria of architectural integration, based on the type of roofing (shed). The panels are harmoniously inserted in the industrial site and in the landscape. The translation of green choices into real initiatives is a cause for great satisfaction for Arrital,which has implemented a project that can also become an example for other Italian industrial facilities.