Gibus came to the Salone Internazione del Mobile in the year of the merger of four businesses, creating an S.p.a. The company has continued along the path of product development and communication, with at least 10 new products launched by April on the market of the sector of awnings and pergolas. At the Salone Gibus had a booth that was a ‘room of the sun,’ where light, purity and energy were the protagonists, and where the structures on display formed spaces for outdoor living, environments conceived for people, socializing, wellness and relaxation. In particular, the firm presented two new products: Medisolafly, an island or pergola structure with stainless steel pantographs, and the Med Room, the elegant ‘sun room’ structure in aluminium with a clean design, without visible mechanisms or bolts. Med Room is composed of an upper frame connecting legs of variable height, depending on the type of sheet that is installed: a ‘plana’ sheet with a single pitch and built-in LED lighting, a ‘fly’ sheet held in tension, or other covering solutions. Water falling on the top is gathered in a gutter on the frame and drained off through the legs. Finally, the product can be motorized, with an Opatex PVC sheet, and closed at the sides with windbreaker windows or drapes, opening to the sun and closing when it rains in complete –