In the historical center of Monza, the first Boffi - De Padova - MA/U Studio apartment

The perfect blend of the collections of three brands – Boffi, De Padova, MA/U Studio – in a domestic space, for the new point-of-sale concept of the group.


Appartamento Boffi is located in a two-story building in Monza, next to the 14th-century church of San Pietro Martire.


From the piazza, a large door and three showcase-windows indicate the entrance to the apartment in a natural way. Diffused lighting creates a sense of pleasant intimacy.

The showroom is like a theater set, a sequence of rooms with high coffered ceilings.


The renovation done by the style & design division of Boffi Group, coordinated by the architect Chiara Tombari, puts a modern accent into a historical setting, in a harmonious dialogue between elegant finishes and concrete floors with an industrial look.