10surdix, the temple of good Italian design in the heart of Paris, is an original, refined space.

At 10 Rue Cassette, in the 6th arrondissement, its mission is based on the idea of tailor-made interiors and private renovations. Environments are crafted to meet the specific demands of clients, where every detail – of color, function, image – is selected with extreme care.

The showroom allows customers to experiment with personalization using a model apartment inserted in a prestigious 19th-century building located on the very lively Rue de Clichy, where the finest furnishing proposals narrate the latest trends in contemporary living.

In the large living area that opens out after the entrance, the Ego kitchen by Abimis stands out: its steel finish and rounded lines, underlined by the profile of the handles, seem to suggest a design with retro tones, in a typically Parisian atmosphere.

Entirely in AISI 304 steel, Ego is custom made and carefully crafted, with different types of compartments, doors and counters, including different finishes.

Inside the home imagined by the owners of the showroom, the Abimis kitchen functions as a tailor-made creation, reinforcing the concept of ‘interior tailoring’ that has made 10surdix famous.