The English bath furnishings brand is making a name for itself on the Italian market.

Victoria + Albert opens a new flagship store at Galleria Meravigli in Milan.


A space of 250 m2 on a single level, fully expressing the values of the company. An interactive and convivial resource for designers and architects.

The design of the spaces and above all the delicate operation of making the brand identity of the English firm coexist with the historical character of the container have been assigned to the product design studio Meneghello Paolelli Associati, in partnership with Load Architettura.

“Galleria Meravigli – the designers explain – is a container packed with historical details, like columns, mosaics, glazings, that form a perfect setting for Frames of Life, a rigorous, quiet space where classic and contemporary not only coexist, but also enhance each other. Panels revisited in a Futurist key form a contrast with modern frames that border various zones in the space, with an industrial character.


The products on display perfectly reflect the evolution of Victoria + Albert towards the concept of a complete bath environment, including cabinets and consoles, faucets and accessories, traditional and contemporary items.

The internal spaces have been conceived as a sequence of interpenetrating zones, including the Expo Room, an area for product displays, a convivial zone for encounters and, finally, an area known as the Library for design activities and discoveries.


Fiora, the Spanish company specializing in the production of shower platforms, cabinets and decor radiators, is the first special guest, sharing a display area for its own catalogue of products.