From the ground floor an impressive transparent glass wall rises to the level above, showcasing a minimal staircase with cantilevered steps and a block that contains a sophisticated space with carpeting in green, black and gray, where the walls are engraved with the geometric composition that is the fil rouge of the project by Baciocchi Associati.


At the sides of the block there are two display corridors, one clad in pale green fiberglass, the other in dark green. The display area for handbags and accessories has dark granite flooring and a suspended counter in black wood and metal.

On the first floor, a space with granite floors and walls in three shades of green, a suspended display with sliding wood panels and details in brass reproduces the geometric motif.

After the resin corridor leading to the last space, a partition of glass and gray mirrors conceals the fitting rooms.

The final zone, with carpets in various shades of green, is a private area for the display of men’s footwear.