Zara reopens its store in Rome at the historic Palazzo Bocconi

Zara reopens its store in Rome at the historic Palazzo Bocconi, one of the firm’s msot emblematic flagship units in the world. After a restyling that took three months, this iconic store at 189 Via del Corso has a new image, organized on 5 levels displaying the collections for women, men and children.

The original architectural details in Neo-Renaissance style, like the columns, the atrium and the moldings on the ceilings, have been restored to make the spaces establish a dialogue with the history of Palazzo Bocconi, which dates back to 1887.



The central area is the heart of the facility, a large, luminous open space marked by the presence of large windows with tubes of borosilicate glass that help to connect the retail spaces to the outside, bringing daylight and creating a curtain effect at night.

The four main concepts of the architectural philosophy of Zara – clarity, function, beauty and sustainability – become reality in this context, thanks to the use of material, and the location with its historical roots.

The store complies with all the factors of sustainability of the eco-efficient stores of Inditex, permitting average reduction of electricity consumption of 30%, thus reducing pollutants, and water savings of 40% with respect to traditional retail facilities.

These advanced criteria allow the brand to keep its LEED Platinum certification.