A refined and essential design combined with extremely advanced technology. The Japanese brand Hitachi Cooling & Heating revolutionizes air conditioning systems by offering the best alternative to ducted systems with a product awarded the Best of the Best of the Red Dot Awards

Responding to the need of architects and interior designers to make technology interact with the project without compromising its aesthetics.

It is from this perspective that Hitachi Cooling & Heating - Japanese brand of air conditioning systems - has created Silent-Iconic, the 4-way cassette panel that synthesizes design and advanced research, performance and form , in a functional and almost invisible terminal.

Hitachi Cooling & amp; Heating redesigns the 4-way cassette panel

The historic Japanese brand, known for the innovative spirit and the propensity for technological development that distinguish it, with Silent-Iconic revolutionizes the paradigms of air conditioning proposing to architects, planners and interior designers an alternative design solution to the creation of ducted air conditioning systems.

Thanks to Silent-Iconic, Hitachi Cooling & Heating has managed to create a product with superior performance and essential lines that represents the evolution of standard panels.

Available in white and in Total Black version, Silent-Iconic is an absolute novelty also from a chromatic point of view, so much so that it is the only completely black panel currently on the market.

Easy maintenance, quality and air exchange

The maintenance of Hitachi 4-way cisterns with Silent-Iconic panel is extremely simple: through the automated descent function it is in fact possible to lower the suction hood to man's height to facilitate the cleaning the filters.

Hitachi Cooling & amp; Heating, also very attentive to all issues concerning air quality, offers the possibility of using the ZPT, a virus filter optional Zinc Phyritione which has the ability to inhibit viruses and bacteria up to 99.7%, as demonstrated by tests carried out by the Japan Textile Product Quality and Technology Center laboratory.

Finally, the 4-way cassettes of Hitachi Cooling & amp; Heaters equipped with a Silent-Iconic panel allow continuous air exchange for maximum comfort.

Market analysis and customer experience

Starting point of research of Hitachi Cooling & Heating for Silent-Iconic was a market analysis that demonstrated how interior design can make a difference on the customer experience. In the case of showrooms, museums, shops, clinics, restaurants, open-plan offices and hotels, it is very important that nothing interferes with the creative design.

Silent-Iconic, therefore, provides a solution to the need for an air conditioning system that makes rooms comfortable from a climatic point of view without compromising their aesthetics.

For the same reasons, the new panel is also recommended for those environments domestic, such as large lofts, where not only is it the correct solution from a technical point of view but also from the aesthetic one because it does not alter the interior design project thanks to its innovative forms.

Tomohiko Sato, Senior Designer of the Hitachi Product Design Department in Tokyo

From a creative point of view, Silent-Iconic was born from the design perspective and aesthetic intuitions of Tomohiko Sato, Senior Designer of the Hitachi Product Design Department of Tokyo.

"Design - he explains - cannot be an end in itself: it must represent a point of departure and improvement of both the aesthetics and the technological characteristics of the product. With Silent-Iconic we had the precise goal to harmonize the architectural environment with a generally neglected element, such as the panel for the 4-way cassette, and to improve its functionality through design.

We therefore focused on the 4 deflectors, which we chose to make in black to reduce the visual impact, and on the design of the louvers, which we made almost invisible to make them an integral part of the ceiling and perfectly functional to generate a comfortable airflow. A millimeter project, the result of numerous simulations and over a year of development, which led to a new design concept that is also attentive to the budget".

Silent-Iconic: small size and control of air flows

Awarded with the Best of the Best of the Red Dot Award, Silent-Iconic has a barely perceptible edge of just 13 mm and space between panel and ceiling, of 3 mm, is minimal.

Thanks to these dimensions, it integrates naturally with the environment, without affecting the aesthetics of the spaces designed by the designer. Its four deflectors have been designed not only to reduce the visual impact but also to ensure precise control of the air flow.

The GentleCool function

In fact, to the refinement of the shapes is added an exclusive Hitachi that has no competition in the sector: the GentleCool function allows the gradual regulation of the temperature, avoiding unpleasant jets of cold air for each single terminal of the system air conditioning, thus allowing a totally customizable air conditioning.

The Advanced Color Controller awarded with the European Product Design Award

The Advanced Color Controller, awarded with the European Product Design Award, is the control panel that allows complete management of the system and all the functions of the terminal.

The airCloud Pro app for remote control

All Hitachi terminals can be managed remotely via smartphones and tablets. airCloud Pro makes it possible, an app that not only allows you to switch on the air conditioning system and adjust its temperature but also to view its consumption, a function that times of high energy costs is extremely useful for minimizing waste and any surprises in end-of-month bills.