Imagine having a room available and personalizing it with the same colour, playing with different intensities and shades. Result: an immersion in the chromatic universe of the heart. As well as a domestic space with a high level of personality, harmony and style

Each of us has a favorite color. Here, close your eyes and visualize a room in your home as you like - be it the kitchen, the study or the bedroom - furnished and equipped in infinite shades of your heart's colour. The immersive and porte-bonheur effect is guaranteed.

We talk about the mono room trend in reference to the experience of personalizing a domestic space in a single shade, declined in different nuances to obtain at the same time movement and character.

Where to start? And what mistakes to avoid (too much risk is just around the corner)? The word to the expert.

Color manifesto: practical guide to the mono room trend

What if we did everything single color? This way you won't have to think about the shades that, placed side by side, could clash.

Here we are at the implementation part of the mono room trend. Explains the interior architect Paolo Rota, director of the studio RotaGiorgino: «using a single shade in interior design creates a sense of cohesion, coherence and visual harmony within the space.

The different shades of the same color blend together naturally, creating a relaxing and balanced home environment. Don't fear boredom: even focusing on just one color, the chromatic scale offers a vast range of tones and shades to draw from.

Furthermore, choosing nuances from the same color family helps to highlight the architectural and decorative details of the space.

For example, the wall can have a lighter shade and the boiserie be darker, not to mention that there are tricks (to be studied case by case) that allow you to create optical illusions with special effects, for example making walls appear higher or rooms appear more airy.

Monotony must be avoided by having fun playing with the various tones of the same color, for example blue, but also and above all with various textures, finishes and materials within the space. In short, the same starting ingredient, but cooked in different ways."

In the mono room it is important to take care of the lighting aspect

«When we talk about the mono room trend, it is important to find a balance between variety (of the shades and textures) and cohesion (of the various design elements), to guarantee an effective and pleasant total look», recalls the architect Rota.

«Lighting plays a fundamental role. With the right light and, possibly, using different light sources (direct and indirect) you can in fact highlight the different nuances of the mono room, choosing what to stand out and what not.

As for the color, it goes without saying that if you have a favorite one, it will be natural to want to dedicate the mono room to that specific nuance.

However, I would like to remember that colors such as red and yellow tend to be particularly stimulating, so absolutely avoid them in the sleeping area, in favor of more restful and meditative nuances such as blue, light blue, green and grey. The final effect will be elegant and harmonious, with a highly original artistic touch." Nothing but boredom.

P.S. Yes, white is a colour, so go ahead for the mono room in the total white version, if you want pure brightness and purity.