Configured as a vibrant yet cozy and welcoming living room, a space dedicated to specialty coffee is born in Milan. For those who already know him (and love) and for those who approach this world for the first time

A creative and colorful meeting space but with a domestic and reassuring atmosphere, designed for coffee lovers, but not only.

This is The Pure Cafè, in via Volta 16, in Milan, a pleasant and relaxing environment dedicated to tasting specialty coffee. To live all day, sometimes even in the evening.

A meeting between challenges and skills

From the meeting between the Italian brewing champion Giacomo Vannelli and the manager Alberto Agostinacchio, united by the passion for challenges and skills in the specialty world, a special concept is born, in fact: a format focused on coffee, with a multifaceted and dynamic offer, able to meet the needs of every moment of the day, from breakfast to lunch to an aperitif.

What is specialty coffee?

With a gourmet taste, specialty coffee is a product that stands out above all for its high quality, conferred by the entire supply chain, a short and sustainable supply chain, which uses single-origin coffee, which therefore comes exclusively from a single plantation and which if tasted in purity allow to rediscover the peculiar characteristics of the territory of origin in the cup. Just like a fine wine.

What makes specialty coffees?

Coffees from special geographical microclimates - positioned along the equatorial belt like Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Nicaragua and El Salvador - have special aromatic profiles, which must be processed, toasted and finally extracted in order to respect all their sensory characteristics.

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The mission? Spreading the culture of specialty coffee

In The Pure Cafè, specialty coffee is represented at the highest levels thanks to the supervision of Giacomo Vannelli, Italian brewing champion, a type of coffee extraction that involves the passage of hot water over ground coffee, arriving in a filtered cup and bringing with it all the flavor, ' aroma and essences of the coffee itself.

In line with the concept of sharing underlying the project, The Pure Cafè also proposes itself as a multibrand place, cyclically hosting specialty micro roasters, especially Italian. “My mission is to explain and involve as many people as possible in the specialty world” enthuses Vannelli.

The interior design project

Right from the entrance The Pure Cafè presents itself with a decisive character: a shocking pink espresso machine customized in Cafè Racer di Sanremo introduces two halls with large and comfortable seats.

To predominate are the shades mauve, white, green and wood , bright, in the background, from a gaudy mural by the Argentine illustrator Lucila Perini.

The Pure Cafè turns out to be a cozy and welcoming place that invites you to relax, to enjoy the coffee break with the predisposition typical of coffee lovers, but which aims at share this passion specialty even with those approaching this world for the first time.

Espresso from cooking, but also music, culture and creativity

At lunchtime, under the guidance of the starred chef Silvio Salmoiraghi, selected and seasonal raw materials are transformed into cooking espresso that can be composed by the customer himself.

But it's not just the moments dedicated to coffee, or food, that can be experienced at The Pure. Pure Moments is a program of events that offers music, illustration and comics, fashion, design , but also literature.

From September to December, twice a month, evening appointments are scheduled which will involve established and emerging figures.