Bringing a touch of the Tropics to the walls of your home: furnishing ideas and must-have accessories to make your home a heavenly oasis. The good mood effect is guaranteed, try it to believe it

We are all in the escapist phase in this period, ready at any moment of the day to escape with our thoughts, imagining ourselves in a dream reality, far from the heat, from work tasks and from concrete.

Possibly under a palm tree and with the blue sea in front of us. So, why not bring a touch of the Tropics into the home, renovating the interior in the name of lightheartedness?

Creating a summer home with an exotic atmosphere will have an immediate positive effect, especially if the house in question is a city apartment and the sea is (for now) just a mirage.

Practical tips for furnishing your home with a tropical touch

Let's start with the color choices. Inspiration: classic tropical sunsets. Fabrics and prints play a fundamental role in recreating the right atmosphere. A few strategic replacements may be enough: the curtains in the living area, the bedspread, the sofa cushions, a tablecloth in the dining room. Introduce textile elements ranging between shades of orange, yellow, red and pink.

To avoid the too much effect, alternate this inspiration with another that immediately brings tropical islands to mind: plant patterns.

Fabrics with floral prints and palm leaves bring the typical vegetation of tropical atolls onto the scene. To enhance the tropical nature effect, welcome the classic potted palms (Chamaedorea elegans) and the potted banana tree. They are quite easy to care for and absolutely gorgeous to look at.

Bamboo, rattan and coconut-scented candles: the Tropics in the city

Without the need for who knows what upheavals in terms of furnishings, make room for light accessories in bamboo and rattan or for furnishings with components made of these natural materials reminiscent of tropical holidays.

They range from the lamp with woven rattan lampshade to the classic garden armchair, which in this season is also perfect on the terrace or, why not?, in the living room or next to the bed.

Instead of traditional carpets, which 'get hot' during the summer months, there are light and practicalmats made of woven coconut and straw fibres. They instantly lighten spaces and create airiness and freshness, not to mention the pleasant on the beach effect.

As the sun goes down, increase the Tropics effect by lighting candles scented with coconut, tiare, pineapple and mango.

And don't forget the effective visual suggestion of a print, a painting or a photograph depicting the famous tropical sunset that lights up the sky above the ocean with red and pink, glimpses of immaculate white beaches, lush flowers, atolls in the blue and walnuts of coconut.

The Tropicana mood is served: enjoy!