In Torre Vedras, the Santiago Studio architecture firm has designed a tailor-made apartment for a young couple who loves to travel and share convivial moments with family and friends

Located in one of the most characteristic streets of Torres Vedras, in the district of Lisbon, this bright apartment brings a good dose of contemporaneity to the small Portuguese municipality which counts little more than 70 thousand inhabitants.

It was designed by the team of architects from Santiago Studio, who were asked to design the first home of a young couple who recently moved from the city (Lisbon) to the delightful Portuguese town architecturally characterized by a complex of military fortifications which years ago formed a defensive line around Lisbon.

An evocative context, to which is added the current owners' need to live in a contemporary and fresh environment: a starting point for giving life to a project that plays with the juxtaposition between eras. From the outside, the continuity of styles is actually more gentle.

The building that houses the apartment has in fact been recently renovated and adapted to accommodate new apartments with a modern mood, however the original facade has remained unchanged and, with it, the contiguity with the ancient castle of the neighborhood.

To meet the needs of the young couple and at the same time respect the architectural beauty of the context, Rute Santiago, creative director and design manager of the studio of the same name, decided to orient the interiors according to a simple but at the same time charismatic line.

What reigns supreme in this two-storey apartment is undoubtedly natural light, capable of enhancing and illuminating the noble materials chosen for all the furnishings that characterize the interior design project.

Nothing conventional

Upon entering the home, you find yourself faced with a living space that has nothing conventional: a mix of extravagant compositions, obtained thanks to custom-designed furnishings by the team of architects, accompanies the guest between the living room and the lawn area, until reaching the large window that invites you to experience the outdoor space. Then follow the kitchen and a service bathroom.

This area represents the main body of the apartment, or rather the place where the home owners can relax, meet up in intimacy, or spend good convivial time with friends and family members. The young couple who loves to travel are in fact also fond of moments of sharing with their loved ones.

Modular choices, for variable needs

In the dining area, alarge oval wooden table designed and made to measure dominates the scene: a solution designed to expand and contract depending on the need for use.

The welcoming and long modular sofa is instead characterized by a double tone which offers different seating and comfort solutions depending on needs, both for television moments and, simply , to chat in a relaxed and informal way.

To complete the environment, a selection of design icons, signed by internationally renowned names and young talents, including Paolo Rizzatto, Faye Toogood, Caronni + Bonanomi or Kristina Dam.

Transparencies and irregularities

To mark the transition from the first floor to the second, a play of transparencies gives life to the very bright staircase that leads to the sleeping area. Amplifying the radiance of the apartment, the staircase is located just below a ceiling skylight that radiates natural light from above.

On the second floor, the two bedrooms overlook a balcony that runs all around the apartment and with a private view of the castle of the city. The main suite, with master bathroom, can be recognized by the alcove effect obtained simply by respecting the irregularity of the structure: the bed is inserted into a large natural and pre-existing niche .

One of the main objectives of this project was in fact to keep the interior architecture as the main protagonist, so each piece was carefully chosen to enhance the corners of the walls, the materials and the natural light of the structure.

To further enhance this bedroom, already special in itself due to its layout, the Santiago studio has identified an arrangement of essential but precious elements to warm up the atmosphere of the room.

Both custom-designed, the bed and the headboard converse pleasantly with the carpet - also designed specifically - and the antique wooden chest wood, creating comfort and naturalness in the environment.

The other two bedrooms, which currently serve as a home office and guest room, align with the master suite in terms of style and hospitality.