The designer Serena Confalonieri told us how she worked on her first interior design project: a flashback, which allowed her to 'move in space'

The first interior design project by Serena Confalonieri is a boutique restaurant in the province of Monza Brianza, the Ristorante 13.10, a place which warms the eye and heart with the typical intensity of the 'love at first sight', aided by the material and chromatic choices that captivate, without being intrusive.

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A serenity that tastes like home

The project stems from a collaboration that is also a long-standing friendship: here, the nomadic, multicultural and km0 cuisine of Marcello Passoni, chef and owner of the restaurant, meets the stylistic code of Serena Confalonieri, in an environment in balance between conviviality and intimacy.

The long-lasting relationship between the two professionals has in some way inspired the atmosphere that 13.10 wants to convey: a place to go for lunch or dinner outside, but feeling like at home.

With only 25 seats, the restaurant develops on the basis of a planimetry shaped, more precisely L-shaped, due to the fact that it is located in a strong> former farmhouse on the outskirts of Milan built around the central courtyard.

The colours, which are brilliant but draw from a 100% natural palette without ever tiring the eye (you quickly get used to the dualism between a soft sage green and the terracotta color in the its lightest shade) are combined with carefully chosen materials to create a welcoming but never heavy contrast. The protagonists par excellence of the two main rooms (a large room and a smaller one) are, together, the floors and walls in marble-effect stoneware by Florim and the panels, but also the complements and niches, in oak now carefully worked, now with a natural effect.

We asked the designer how she approached the world of interiors, after years dedicated to graphic, textile and product design.

What difference did you find in taking on an interior design project?

The possibility of moving in space was an exciting stimulus, very different and more dynamic than the product.

I have tried to adapt my modus operandi to a different scale, thinking about the usability and the destination of the spaces but maintaining the characteristic features that unite my works: the use of colour, patterns and simple and welcoming shapes.

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Is this the beginning of a new love 'by Serena Confalonieri'?

In reality it is more of a backfire, my university training is in fact as an interior designer, even if the work then led me to focus more on the product.

Furthermore, alongside the work on products, self-productions and graphics, in recent years I had already begun to approach works on a larger scale, with a series of projects related to tactical urbanism, a theme with which I'm still working on a lot and which is giving me a lot of satisfaction.

I hope the same thing happens now with the interior as well.

Between texture, pattern and colour, how did you think about the contrasts?

I wanted to create a kaleidoscopic space but which gave the impression of being at home, so the choice went for bold colors but with a soft and relaxing color palette.

The textures see a combination of wood finishes and the marble effect together with the fabric patterns and the rounded shapes of many of the furnishings, with the aim of to intrigue the eye without distracting it too much from the dish!