Until now, only rotating panoramic restaurants existed. Now there is also a sauna: Elements, at the Dolomiti Wellness Hotel Fanes, in Val Badia. A spa in South Tyrol where design meets well-being

If you are enjoying a spa in Alto Adige and you see the mountains moving, don't worry, you are not hallucinating.

You are experiencing the most spectacular and pleasant 'heat stroke' possible: the experience offered by Elements, the new revolving and suspended sauna of the Dolomiti Wellness Hotel Fanes by San Cassiano(BZ), Val Badia.

A futuristic project that earned its author, Barbara Widmann of the studio Interior Design from Bolzano, the DNA Paris Design Award 2023.

One of a kind, the panoramic sauna is suspended nine meters high from the ground, enclosed in a metal skeleton and with a cylindrical body in wood and glass, capable of rotate 360 degrees.

In this way the dynamic use of the surrounding Dolomite landscape (UNESCO heritage) becomes a strategic element of the project, implementing a dimension of integrated and all-encompassing well-being.

The interior designer explains: “The Elements Sauna concept takes up some of the most ancient philosophies and traditions, which see man at the center of a very close relationship with nature and energy that this releases.

From the outside, the guest finds and becomes an integral part of this circle of vital forces: the sauna, in fact, reveals its toroidal shape, an expression of the energy field of every organism capable of self-feeding and symbol of the cycle of life; inside and at the center of the circular base, then, there is the stove which materially represents the feeding of the energy flow of the structure, metaphorically it is its beating heart".

Barbara Widmann conceived the project and made the choice of materials, taking inspiration from the five traditional constitutive elements of the universe, recognized transversally from Greek philosophy to the disciplines oriental: earth, air, water, fire and ether.

The sauna, which can accommodate 32 people, is made of heat-treated ash and lime wood, in a pleasant chromatic contrast with the floor < strong>in quartzite, coming from the nearby Val di Vizze. The workers and companies involved in the construction are also local.

The innovative concept of the Elements sauna completes the already rich wellness offer of the luxurious 5-star facility in Val Badia, always in the name of design. An example of this is the Fanes Spa by Caveau Beauté, where wooden furnishings and finishes create evocative three-dimensional orographies in the environment. Not to mention the sky pool which becomes a landmark with its sculptural corten frame.

Moreover, it is known that Alto Adige focuses, as an important territorial marketing lever, on quality hospitality that integrates nature, design and well-being.

A policy that fuels design research towards innovative solutions aimed at proposing increasingly exclusive and original experiences, bordering on the extreme, from cantilevered swimming pools to inverted spas. Now also swivels.